Our division of cutaneous pathology at Clin-Path Diagnostics is staffed by four board-certified dermatopathologists, representing the largest practice of dermatopathologists within the State of Arizona.


As one of the most trusted community practices for almost 40 years, our comprehensive services include:

  • Full, state-of-the-art pathology and histology services.
  • Immunohistochemistry, special stains and direct immunofluorescence services.
  • 24 hour turn-around-time on all routine pathology interpretation.
  • 48 hour turn-around-time on direct immunofluorescence interpretation.
  • Acceptance of virtually all insurance plans.
  • Auto faxed reports and online downloading available.
  • Four board-certified dermatopathologists on staff.
  • Reliable courier service and convenient location.
Quality Service Through Quality Training

The quality of dermatopathology services at Clin-Path Diagnostics is uniquely enhanced by our group of physicians and the individual talents they bring to our laboratory.  Each of our four dermatopathologists received their board-certified training from four of the most prestigious and respected pathology and dermatology residency training programs in the United States.  From there, each of them received advanced fellowship training in the field of dermatopathology, again from four of the most trusted training programs available.  Their combined experiences offer blended, synergistic talents from their training, and has created the highest standard of care available anywhere in the field of dermatopathology.

Why Choose Clin-Path Diagnostics?

The interpretation of each and every biopsy at Clin-Path Diagnostics is approached with your patients’ interests as our foremost consideration.  With at least three of our dermatopathologists working each and every day of the week, your patient’s challenging biopsies are assured optimal interpretation and discussion from multiple dermatopathologists through our intradepartmental consultation program.  This candid and unique approach offers enhanced interpretation of your patients’ most challenging biopsies.  This translates to the most safe and reliable interpretation possible to meet the varied needs of each and every patient.


Clin-Path Associates, PLC, prides itself in being continually involved in professional publications.  Our philosophy is to enhance and “give-back” to the local dermatology community that has been so supportive of our services through the years.  In addition of on-going publications within professional journals, Clin-Path publishes its own quarterly newsletter entitled “Dermatopathology Updates”.  Each quarterly edition of this publication highlights fifteen of the most interesting cases that we receive during that period of time.  Via photographic and clinical discussion, the cases are published and distributed throughout the medical community for their enhanced information and learning enjoyment.


Our dermatopathologists are also active in the training of community dermatology residents.  For almost a decade, Clin-Path has offered histologic instruction both to residents in training and healthcare providers through weekly, topic-related didactic sessions.  Our state-of-the-art 14-headed microscope conference room is the location for these sessions, and they are open free of charge to all health care provides who may be interested in this type of hands-on learning.


We are grateful and pleased to continue to offer our services throughout the Valley of the Sun.  And with our extensive outreach courier services, we are now available to offer our interpretation of skin pathology to most regions throughout the State of Arizona.


  • Steven L. Alder, M.D.
  • Maria P. Alzona, M.D.
  • K. Lyn Hamacher, M.D.
  • Sapna M. Amin, M.D.


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