Clin-Path Diagnostics, LLC

Clin-Path Diagnostics is a pathologist owned, state of the art laboratory specializing in anatomic and molecular pathology; supporting hospitals, surgery centers and doctor’s offices. Unencumbered by corporate ownership, Clin-Path Diagnostics has built a patient centered laboratory focused on diagnostic accuracy, superior service and partnership with our clients.

Located in Tempe, Arizona, our laboratory has competitive turn around time on all specimens and 24-hour turnaround time on routine biopsies. In addition to full service , semi-automated histopathology and cytopathology, we offer in-house immunohistochemistry for a wide variety of antibodies, in-house flow cytometry for leukemia, lymphoma and high sensitivity paroxysmal nocturnal hemaglobinuria and in-house fluorescent in situ hybridization for hematology markers and Her2/neu.


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