Hospital-based Pathology

Our group provides pathology services in a wide variety of hospital settings.  Our service concept is based on a two tiered level of service.   The first level of service includes assignment of a group of pathologists who will be based at the local hospital.  This core group of physicians will provide on-site pathology coverage as well as laboratory medical direction.  Members will serve in appropriate hospital committee settings at the request of the Administrator or as a representative of the Medical Staff.

The second tier of service brings the full complement of expertise to the hospital.  We process surgical pathology specimens off site, at our own histology laboratory.  This centralized approach to histology, reduces hospital costs, while at the same time focusing technical expertise in a single laboratory setting.   We are then able to distribute surgical cases by directing those specimens to pathologists with the most expertise to render a diagnosis.  For example, bone marrow specimens are all read by board certified hematopathologists.   Fine needle aspirates are read by board certified cytopathologists.   This approach allows any size hospital to operate with a pathology service that includes a complement of 30 pathologists, while not requiring all of this staff to be based at the local hospital.

We provide pathology services in a variety of hospital settings and in a wide variety of contractual relationships.  However, we are confident in stating that our contracts are long term in nature and based on relationships of strategic alliance with the hospitals we serve.

Hospital-Based Pathologists
  • Mary E. Adams, M.D.
  • Stacey A. Berry, M.D.
  • Anthony R. Burgan, M.D.
  • Suzanne M. Cook, M.D.
  • George M. Corcoran, M.D.
  • Marian V. Fleming, J.D., M.D.
  • Guangming Guo, M.D.
  • Cyenthia Koehler, M.D.
  • Yuan Lin, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Stephen A. Ovanessoff, M.D.
  • Beatrice S. Strong, M.D.
  • Regina B. Van Buren, M.D.
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