Robert A. Stern, M.D.

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Dr. Robert Stern was born and raised in Akron, OH, leaving home at 18 to attend the University of Michigan, for which he has still not been forgiven by certain family members.  After matriculating at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Rob found that medical education and practice was not exactly what he had expected; fortunately he was taken in by a kindly couple engaged in neuropathology research, and his course as a pathologist was set.  Dr. Stern returned to his beloved Ann Arbor completing his AP/CP residency and cytopathology fellowship after five wonderful and challenging years.  Having experienced enough overcast skies, humidity, and sleet to last a lifetime, he and his little family headed west, where he would start his career with Clin-Path Associates.  Arriving in Arizona in the dead of summer, the entire family (including the dog) wondered what they had gotten themselves into.  Twenty-two years later Dr. Stern is still in Arizona, and while he has never grown to love the heat, he treasures the pathological (!) and clinical colleagues he has been privileged to work with in this magical place.

Currently, Dr. Stern serves as Chair of  the Department of Pathology at Banner Desert Medical Center and, Medical Director of Cytology at Sonora Quest Laboratories.


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