Five board-certified dermatopathologists staff the Dermatopathology Division of Clin-Path Associates, making it the largest practice of dermatopathology in the state of Arizona. Our pathologists also hold board-certifications from five of the most respected pathology and dermatology training programs in the United States.

A unique feature of our Dermatopathology Division that benefits both our referring physicians and their patients is the collective expertise and renowned specialty training of our individual pathologists. Our pathologists hold board-certifications from four of the most respected pathology and dermatology training programs in the United States.

Further, each completed advanced fellowships in dermatopathology, with certification from the most recognized and prestigious training programs in the nation. Our combined training backgrounds blend to create one of the highest quality-of-care practices in the field of dermatopathology.

Experience, Dedication and Diagnostic Accuracy.

Clin-Path Associates’ Dermatopathology Division is proud to offer state-of-the-art pathology service to the local dermatology community, with rapid and accurate interpretation of each and every skin biopsy we handle.

With three or more dermatopathologists and dermatologists on staff every day at Clin-Path, our division provides crucial intradepartmental dialogue and collective interpretation of your most challenging biopsies, ensuring optimal diagnostic accuracy. This level of collaborative detail is particularly pertinent in the area of difficult melanocytic lesions.1

Clin-Path Associates is involved in professional education, resident training and professional journal publication on a regular basis. In addition to on- going publications within professional journals, our Dermatopathology Division publishes its own newsletter, “Dermatopathology Updates”. Each edition highlights interesting cases received during that time period.

Clin-Path offers histologic instruction to residents and healthcare providers through weekly, topic-related didactic sessions. These meetings are open and free- of-charge to any healthcare provider interested in focused, hands-on learning of dermatopathology.

1. Murall R, Hughes MT, Fitzgerald P, Thompson JF, Scolyer , RA. Interobserver variation in the histopathologic reporting of key prognostic parameters, particularly Clark level, affects pathological staging of primary cutaneous melanoma. Ann Surg 2009.

Services Provided Include:

  • In-house direct immunoflourescence
  • In-house Histology Laboratory
  • In-house Immunohistochemistry Department
  • In-house Molecular Pathology Laboratory
  • Acceptance of virtually all insurance plans.

Excellent customer service compliments diagnostic strength and provides:

  • 24 hour TAT on all routine pathology interpretation
  • 48 hour TAT on direct immunofluorescence interpretation
  • Acceptance of virtually all insurance plans
  • Auto-faxed, online downloading, and custom interface reporting available
  • Local community-based practice and laboratory in Tempe, AZ
  • Readily accessible pathologists
  • Immediate notification to physicians on all critical results
  • Reliable courier services
  • CAP accredited laboratory